36-inch diameter gas pipeline blown up in Punjab, BRA accept responsibilty


Web-desk (Republican News) Gas pipeline supplying gas to parts of Panjab exploded by unknown men in Rahim Yar Khan last night.

According to Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd (SNGPL) sources, the blast was caused by a timed explosive device. The explosives were planted in the pipeline at Bhong Road in Sadiqabad near the Bhong Sui Gas repeater station A-1, Rescue 1122 officials said.

SNGPL’s chief engineer transmission Muhammad Shoaib told media that the RLNG pipeline, with a 36-inch diameter and wall thickness of 0.588 inches, was laid one year ago to supply gas from Karachi to Islamabad. The pipeline feeds the industry, gas stations and domestic consumers in central Punjab.

Shoaib said that last night armed men had dug a three-foot hole at the main RLNG pipeline and fixed a device at the top, which blew up the pipeline.

The Baloch Republican Army spokesman Mr Sarbaz Baloch informed media that fighters from his organazation have exploded the pipeline.

The BRA spokesman vowed to continue such attacks.