Two people abducted by State forces in Balochistan

Quetta (Republican News) The State forces abducted two people from Gwadar and the Army check post came under attacks of Baloch freedom fighters.

According to the source; Pakistani forces along with personnel of secret intelligence carried a targeted raid in Turbat Kech and abducted Waja Rasool Baksh Baloch. As per local source, Waja Rasool Baksh was a resident of Reksar Batt area of Buleda Kech, and serviced as a former principal of Othal elementary collage.

On the other hand, Pakistani Military and personnel of Frontier Core abducted a Sportsman and a Captain of Wallyball from the check post which is located in between Jiwani and Pishokan and shifted him to an unknown location. The sources have confirmed, Sarfraz Thagafi is basically from Kharan but now he residents in Dor, Gwadar..

Meanwhile, Baloch Freedom Fighters attack the Frontier Core in Mand Kech, Baluchistan.
An attack incident took place in Mand Kech, when a groupof Baloch freedom fighters attacks two major check posts of Pakistani forces. The attack resulted killing of several personnel and.